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M.A.M.A’s at The Shambles

We will be at The Shambles this Friday with our new seasonal vegetable (suitable for vegans) and beef patties, arancini and jerk chicken wraps and other seasonal treats.

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The Shambles Market 9-2pm

M.A.M.A’s is looking forward to feeding you today! 

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Vegetarian Lasagne

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M.A.M.A’s is at The Shambles!

M.A.M.A’s will be bringing our Caribbean flavours and Italian dishes and snacks to you this Friday at The Shambles 9-2pm. We will have our Jerk Chicken Wraps, Jamaican Patties, Arancini, Pizza Chiena – also known as ‘pizza rustica’ or ‘pizza piena’ (pizza pie stuffed with ham, salami and cheese) and a more traditional pasta bake. It’s going to be a cold day, so let us warm you up with some good food! #mamasfamilyfood, #homemade, #italiantakeaway, #italiansnacks, #jamaicanfood, #jamaicantakeaway, #arancini, #foodstall,  #jerkchicken, #pizzachiena, #theshamblesmarketstroud

Left to right; Arancini, Lasagne, sauteed peppers and onions, market stall banner
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M.A.M.A’s is at the Sub Rooms Central Market!

We are returning to the Central Market at The Sub Rooms this Saturday 10-4pm! Come and find us in the square where we will be serving vegetarian Pasta Frittata, Pizza Chiena (pizza dough stuffed with salami, eggs and cheese), classic ragu Arancini, Jerk Chicken wraps, Jamaican Patties and other street-food delights to try and takeaway.

We look forward to feeding you!

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(Online orders will not be available during December, as we are busy making and creating for you lovely people at the markets.)

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M.A.M.A’s is at The Subs

M.A.M.A’s is at The Subs Central Market! We will be bringing more Caribbean flavours and Italian snacks to you this Saturday at the Central Market at the Sub Rooms forecourt in Stroud 10am-2pm! Come and find us outside in the square, where we will be serving Jamaican Patties, Jerk Chicken, Pasta Fritters and other delicious seasonal dishes and snacks. We look forward to feeding you!

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Clockwise from left; Jerk Chicken wraps, chilli coleslaw, Arancini
The Subscription Rooms forecourt, Stroud 10am-2pm
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Lunch at M.A.M.A’s!

For those of you who missed us last time – pencil us in for lunch at Nailsworth’s street market this Saturday 10-4pm! We have a selection for meat-eaters, pasta-lovers and vegans

We will be serving up our Jerk Chicken wraps and southern Italian street food as well as seasonal dishes and sides. Packed with flavour AND your five-a-day! #mamasfamilyfood, #homemade, #italiantakeaway, #italiansnacks, #jamaicanfood, #jamaicantakeaway, #veganarancini, #pastafrittata, #butternutlasagne, #foodstall,  #jerkchicken, #nailsworthmarket

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M.A.M.A’s is cooking in Nailsworth!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the street market in Nailsworth 10am-4pm. We will be serving our Caribbean wraps (Jerk Chicken with sauteed bell peppers and onions and homemade corn relish), vegan arancini, as well as other delicious Italian street food snacks. Come and find us – we look forward to feeding you!

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…yes, we really have been! We have been busy making changes in the way our food can be ordered. From this week, you will be able to order more M.A.M.A’s from StroudCo. Foodhub! We have been working with this community-based company since the beginning of the year and will be gradually adding more of our product line to their site. You can access it via and they deliver to the entire Stroud district.

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M.A.M.A’s would like to say…

…a big THANK YOU for all that came to The Party on the Playing Field! Despite the rain, a few drizzly showers soon left and people were able to enjoy the activities available and try some great food, drink good organic beer and listen to some fab live music – perfect.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Our site is back open for ordering (yes, Jerk Chicken and Aubergine Parmigiana is available!) and if you have any queries, please send us an email through our contact form!

Jerk Chicken with Rice
Aubergine Parmigiana available as a meal for 2, or as Family Size (feeds 4-6)
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C-19 Notice

We at M.A.M.A’s would like to ensure our customers that we are fit to work and have strict procedures in place.
All deliveries will be made with latex gloves and observing social-distancing measures. We will knock and leave the delivery on your doorstep before moving 2m away (where possible) and waiting until you have seen it.